The Weak Reference

The Weak Reference

Kurser i Domain-Driven Design - Våren 2012

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Citerus Live! (part II)

As promised here are more speaking engagements for spring and early summer:

First up on June 10, you’ll be able to hear Mikael Lundgren give the key note "Organisera för lättrörlig utveckling" at Agile development 2008 in Stockholm.

Then, on June 11 you can hear me speak at the same conference about "Domändriven design - utveckling och design i ett lättrörligt projekt".

If you have an interstellar teleporter standing by you’ll also be able to catch Tobias Fors' presentation at Øresund Agile 2008 in Malmö ten minutes later on the topic "One Key Person - Experiences on effectiveness from five years of using, teaching and introducing Scrum"

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