The Weak Reference

The Weak Reference

Kurser i Domain-Driven Design - VĂ¥ren 2012

Friday, January 19, 2007

More Domain-Driven Design

Eric Evans returns to Citerus spring 2007 for more open enrollment classes in Domain-Driven Design.

Last time Eric was here in the fall he gave the class "Putting the Domain Model to Work, 3-Day Immersion Workshop". The workshop was very well received by the participants and sold out weeks in advance. I got many questions on whether we would run the class again, and I am now happy to announce that Eric will come back to Citerus in March. Eric and I will host not only the workshop we did last time but also a new two-day workshop on "Strategic Design" targeted at architects and development managers.

Seats are limited, reserve yours by registering today!

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